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Monday, June 14, 2010

Guilty Pleasures, book division

This post at Ace of Spades asks for morons (commenters at AoS are called "morons") to admit to their guilty pleasures in books. My reply:

The difficulty for me is that I don't feel guilt for my pop-culture tastes. I have "Julie Andrews Greatest Hits" on my mp3 player, along with Petula Clark singing the theme to "Gone with the Wind" in French. What are you gonna do about it, punk?

But if I try to imagine what would make me feel guilty if I were that sort of person...

I think I've read all of the Doc Savage reprints. All the Keith Laumer I could get my hands on. All the "Stainless Steel Rat" stories. All the Desmond Bagley. Several "Stargate SG-1" novelizations. Is Oliver Lange too mainstream to be guilty about? Dick Geis's "Canned Meat" stories (he's an old SF fan writer). I have the complete run of "Astounding Stories" on microfiche.
I could have added all the 70s jazz fusion on my mp3 player, the fact that I'm watching Season 1 of "Smallville" on DVD, and I'm reading... well, a book on thermodynamics. I don't suppose anyone would feel guilty about that.

Yeah, this is the kind of post you're going to get on this blog: me commenting on comments I left on other blogs.

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