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Monday, June 14, 2010

NBA Playoffs: Why a Celtics win will be bad for the NBA

I've been a Celtics fan since the John Havlicek days.

But I have to say that, if they win, it will expose how little the NBA regular season means. Given the tendency to copy success, will we see more teams designed for the playoffs, treating the regular season as a distraction? This can't be good for the NBA in the long run.

The Celtics acquired Rasheed Wallace this season, and told him "We don't care what you do in the regular season." And he played that way in the regular season. He isn't playing all that great in the playoffs, but he's contributing.

The Celtics got off to a fast start in the regular season, then coasted with a 27-27 record in the last 54 games. They rested older players the last few games. They flew under the radar into the playoffs.

If they win a game in LA, they will have beaten the team with the best regular season record, the second best, and the third best, to gain the NBA championship.

Of course, when you eliminate so few teams from the playoffs, the regular season is inherently devalued. The Celtics are just making it obvious.

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